Create accurate floor plans directly on your phone

Immersive AR

Leverages the latest Apple ARKit software to provide an amazing augmented reality experience

Measure any flat surface

Great for counter tops, floor, patios, or any space where measurements are needed

Measure any room

No need to use a tape measure, paper and pencil. Simply point your camera at the room and measure the perimeter.

Integrated Project Management

Create and manage projects, save room plans, and add details.


Export and share a full multiple room PDF report, including all walls, doors,  openings, and project related details

Dimensioning Intelligence

PLNAR automatically calculates critical data such as area and perimeter

Simple, fun and easy to use

Ditch the tape measure and virtually measure your room

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Virtually Better

PLNAR eliminates the need to manually measure and document your room dimensions. It even automatically creates a 2D room plan for you! You simply mark the outline of your room, mark up any structures such as doors and openings, and generate a professional looking report.

Accelerate your DIY projects

Quickly determine flooring and material needs

Share with contractors and retailers

No need to pay a stranger to measure your room

Professional - leverage PLNAR for your field sales team

See PLNAR in action

PLNAR is easy and fun to use. Why struggle with a tape measure, paper, and pencil, and if you are digitally savvy, 3D sketching software! PLNAR replaces all of these and puts the power in your hands. It is the easiest way to generate dimensions, room plans and material estimates for any project or insurance claim.

See how PLNAR can revolutionize your home project or business.

It's Awesome

Finally, a real-world use of augmented reality

Create accurate floor plans directly on your phone